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Symbolic closing of the canteen

The canteen is closed!
The reconstuction of the canteen into a room for seminars has begun!

This noon Luks closed the canteen as a part of the campaign #BachelorOfChairs symbolicly with barrier tape. This action is nothing but consequent in the logic of the university, who which isn´t interested in a high-quality teaching, but only in economical effiency. Acording to their view, a seminar is only crowded, if there aren´t enough chairs in the room, no matter whether thre are already too many students in this seminar, if proper learning is wanted.
The agreemant of many students showed, how importnat this topic is! We demand from the university:
1. to distibute the funds more properly. Funding of teaching, not of image-campaigns and exellence-strategies.
2. to organise the teaching more properly. At a number of new students as high as now, it is necessary to develop well-made plans, to ensure teaching for everyone. Hoping for selection through competition causes the opposite.
3. to strive for more money. Both federal states and the government in Berlin must fund education. This is only possible, if the universities campaign for the abolishment of the cooperation-ban.