# Bachelor of Chairs

We demand from the university to distribute the funds more appropriately. We demand the funding of teaching, and not of image-campaigns and excellence-strategies.

We demand from the university to organize the teaching properly. As the number of new students is as high as it is now, it is necessary to develop well-made plans, to ensure teaching for everyone. Hoping for selection through competition causes the opposite.

We demand from the university to strive for more money. Both, federal states and the government in Berlin must fund education. This is only possible, if the universities campaign for the abolishment of the cooperation-ban.



20.11. Bannerdrop and flyers at Fünferlsteg to the report
28.11. Pressrelease: Students set demands at the university[download](german)
29.11. Pressrelease: Protest against crowded seminars goes to the next round [download](german)
29.11. Flyer: “Trading chair for a degree” Pictures
30.11. Symbolic closing of the canteen to the report
30.11. Pressrelease: “Students closed the canteen”[download](german)
04.12 The reconstruction continues, LUKS rebuilds the uni. to the report
04.12 Pressrealease: “Students want to rebuild the university”[download](german)
06.12. We donate chairs on St. Nicholas´ day to the report
06.12. Presserelease: “Campaign against crowded seminars on St. Nichlas´ day” [download](german)


We all remember the first week of every semester: in most of the seminars, and even in lectures, not everyone gets a place even though they had registered online. Even now, you still find this situation in some of the events. Even though the lecturers and the students know that scientific work is not possible with 40 people in one seminar, for the University Chairs, the seminars are not full as long everyone finds a place to sit. Basically, for the University Chairs, the random selection at the beginning of every semester, the subsequent resignation of students to learn effectively, and the transformation from seminar into lectures is part of their plan.
In this context, the University Chairs put less thought and attention into the scientific work and education and rather focus on numbers and economic efficiency. An example for this is the ‘Excellence Strategy’. The concept is mainly about letting all universities compete so that they receive the money that they all need deeply. That is how all universities are systematically underfunded. Instead of sufficient financing, competition is being demanded.
It is time to support solidarity instead of competition, to see the human being behind the “human capital”; to rediscover the reason why people want to educate themselves. We want to study together and instead of being educated to be selfish individuals, we want to take the chance of solidarity. We want to learn together, not against each other.

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