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#BachelorOfChairs The reconstruction continues!

This noon, activists of LUKS, equipped with reflective vests and tools, went all over the campus distributing flyers. They anncounced to rebuild the university. Again, the reactions of many students made visible, how important the topic of the crowded university is.

According to the university, a seminar is only crowded, if there aren´t any free seats.
If it is that simple: Let´s enlarge all rooms!

Sadly, as we all know, that no matter how many seat are in a room, it´s impossible to do proper scientific work, if there are more than 40 participants. But that´s a realisation that the university hasn´t come to yet.

We demand from the university:
1. to distibute the funds more properly. Funding of teaching, not of image-campaigns and exellence-strategies.
2. to organise the teaching more properly. At a number of new students as high as now, it is necessary to develop well-made plans, to ensure teaching for everyone. Hoping for selection through competition causes the opposite.
3. to strive for more money. Both federal states and the government in Berlin must fund education. This is only possible, if the universities campaign for the abolishment of the cooperation-ban.