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Demonstration 1. March 2017

Colorful people, colurful life: Nobody will take it from us!
Demonstration against casual rasicm on the 1 . March 2017 in Passau, 17:30 Hbf

Every year CSU is meeting up in Passau to celebrate themselves. Again, a year of “sucess” has gone by, in which the CSU managed to celebrate their traditions and keep them alive.The compartmentalization against migrants has reached a new peak by passing the new integrationslaws in December. There have always been instances of people having a slip of tongue at the “biggest Stammtisch” of the year. Mr Seehofer himself gave a great example of that in 2015: “We are not the social security office of the world”. Is it just a random coincidence that the rhetoric of the CSU is becoming more and more similar to the AfD? Is the CSU pushed to the right of the political spectrum or does the CSU itself has dicriminatory ideas? Having a look at the politics of the last years makes it clear that the CSU wants an intolarant Bavaria!
We think that is shit! Blue is just the color of stupid men, we love colorful humans! We will make Passau colorful on the 1. of March! It is on us how the future willl look like. So take out your favorite colorful tshirt and join us! Together we will fight for colorful, antirasicst and solidarity politics. We rise for open borders and againt deportation. The restrictive asylum politics of Bavaria is not solving any problems!

Antirascict demonstration on Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, 1. March 2017
17:30 Passau, Hbf