Ausstellung: And Everything Nice (Hannah Altman)

Start date: 20. April 2018
End date: 10. May 2018
Location: NK Cafete (Uni Passau)
Sex: Zwischen Macht, Tabus und Idealen


The photo series is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The series consists of women in states of affliction. The body fluid of the models (including blood, tears, and vomit) have been replaced with glitter in order to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of what is actually happening in the scenario.

Hannah Altman is a Jewish-American artist working in Pittsburgh, PA. Her interdisciplinary practice explores domesticity, femininity, and the tools that perpetuate them using photographic based media. Her work offers a dialogue regarding societal structure, aiming to navigate the dependencies between body image, perception, environment, and material.

(Eintritt frei)
Diese Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen der Aktionswoche “Sex: Zwischen Macht, Tabus und Idealen” statt.

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