LUKS&friends #3 -in english-

Date: 11. December 2017
Location: Uni Passau; NK 205
LUKS & friends
Once in a month we discuss a different topic, we call this event “LUKS&Friends”. This time it will be in English! Everyone is welcome to join the debate no matter how much they know about the topic!

The Topic will be “education”. The text (which we always read at the beginning of the meeting) is about the problematic of funding of universities. Right now, universities in Germany or in the UK are getting more funds when they perform well in rankings. Because most universities need more money, tuition fees are increasing or new tuitions fees are being established, as for example tuitions fees for international students in Baden Württemberg. Is this how we want education to be?

Time: Monday (11.12) at 8 pm,
Location: NK 205

We are looking forward to seeing you!.