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“No one has the intention of abolishing seminars”

– in favour of independent and critical learning
– against the economisation of knowledge.

A banner with this slogan was hung on Passau’s bridge ‘Fünferlsteg’ last week in critique of the current developments and learning conditions at the University of Passau: precarious study conditions and housing shortages.

Only recently, an impromptu lecture in sociology has been launched to supplement the overcrowded seminars at the university. However, hierarchical teaching formats like frontal lectures limit independent thinking even further.

With the maximum duration of study, performance pressure through grades and more subject matters being repeated and left unquestioned in fewer time, students are facing more and more distress. Instead of fostering collaborative together, our educational system produces self-centered individuals without a chance of solidarity. Students are learning against rather than with each other. It is time to regain our consciousness of the people behind ‘human capital’; to rediscover our quest for knowledge. We demand the possibility of self-determined and critical learning – no further economisation of our education!

While the conditions at our university are deteriorating, its surroundings are turning more and more precarious as well. Even four weeks after the semester has begun, a vast number of students have not yet found an apartement and are forced to commute from home or stay in hotels. Although this may be a minor issue in a small town in Lower Bavaria in comparison with larger cities, the problem is increasing. With Passau’s rents having risen by almost 30% in the past 5 years, many student find themselves unable to get affordable apartments. Instead of compensating students, efficiency is demanded. We can and will not accept these developments!