LUKS – What’s that?

LUKS (Liste der unabhängigen kritischen Student*innen – List of independent critial students) is an open leftist university group at Passau University.
We are currently focusing on the issues of anti-fascism and feminism, but we are also addressing anticapitalism, critical education and climate justice as well as condemning antisemitism and racism. We have set our minds to actively improve society through critical thinking and actions at university as well as in this city, and we will strive for this purpose by different means: Our special focus lies on political education through events, such as talks, workshops or the presentation of films. Once a month, we will organize “LUKS & Friends” – an open exchange of ideas, where we will discuss a wide range of political issues. Furthermore, we will organize demonstrations and creative protest actions as well as cultural offers, such as “Küfas” (“Küche für Alle” – kitchen for everyone) or parties to get to know each other, to form networks or simply to get together.

In this spirit,
LUKSury for everyone!

See here our priniciple program: [pdf]