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We donate chairs!

Tody was St. Nicholas´day and we donate chairs at the uni. Since the university told the PNP (the local newspaper), courses would only be crowded, if there are enough chairs, we protested for satisfactory courses for all students.

You were unfourtunate and didn´t get a giftbag? Here you can see, what was inside.

In connection with our campaign #BachelorOfChairs we demand from the university:

1. to distribute the funds more appropriately. We demand the funding of teaching, and not of image-campaigns and excellence-strategies.
2. to organize the teaching properly. As the number of new students is as high as it is now, it is necessary to develop well-made plans, to ensure teaching for everyone. Hoping for selection through competition causes the opposite.
3. to strive for more money. Both, federal states and the government in Berlin must fund education. This is only possible, if the universities campaign for the abolishment of the cooperation-ban.